Thursday, February 21, 2013

Zombie Attack @ Paratha Delight, Borivali West, Mumbai

It's been long since the Zombies have attacked somewhere and written about it, but before the hiatus they had actually attacked a very special place called Paratha Delight. This was back in October, when one fine day Viking got a comment on the previous blog inviting them to this place. As it was the festive season, they had to choose one slow day in between Navratri and prepared themselves for the attack.

When you hear about a place, you generally have notion about it, our zombies also had. But the moment they reached the place, they got a surprise. It was a pure veg joint, well they obviously didn't expect that. As the menu came, it had a bunch of specialty parathas in it. Some of those were pretty weird combinations like 'Maggi Paratha' and 'Pizza Paratha'. After scrutinizing the whole menu Noyonsense settled for Pizza Topping Paratha, Swedelight went for Pav Bhaji Paratha, Amylicious didnt take much risk and went for the Mushroom Paratha and Viking ordered for 'Cheese Maggi Paratha'. 
Well the food came in no time and each one had to say something about their Parathas. While Swedelight was delighted with her Pav Bhaji, Noyonsense was busy finding the sense in making a pizza shaped paratha. While Amylicious was crribing (as usual) on the uncooked red chilli powder in her mushroom paratha, Viking was unsure if he likes his favorite maggi inside the Paratha.

But all hell broke loose when the dessert came, Chocolate Paratha. Probably the most innovative dessert the zombies have had in the recent times, and it was perfect. That made their mood for the night and they returned home happy and content. Surely the video will visually depict the journey and you guys will try this place . Till next attack, keep watching the Bhookhhad Zombies, only and only on this website. Adios…

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