Monday, October 1, 2012

Zombie Attack @ Grain & Bagel, Malad West, Mumbai

It's Sunday morning, and after six days of not having proper breakfast, this is the day when normal people indulge into one of the seven deadly sins, Gluttony. But Gluttony is no sin for our dear zombies. They generally commit this sin on a regular basis, and they are proud to do so. Coming back to Sunday, our zombies feel unusually hungry on Sunday mornings, and they look for places where they can commit their particular sin ‘Gluttony’.

On one such Sunday Zombies decided to attack the corporate section called Interface in Malad West, Mumbai. Interface is a place, which has at least hundred corporate offices, mostly MNCs. During the week, this place is always buzzing with people, cars and parking agents. But on Sundays, Interface can be as empty as Tilaknagar station at 1am. Other than 10 odd street-side stalls and a solo café coffee day, this place has no other proper eating joints. There used to be a Crepe Station sometimes back, which also used to stay open till 3am in the night (Off course I am talking about Pre-Dhoble era).   But that place had shut down quite a while ago, so the Coffee Day franchise established itself quite well.

Amylicious's Smoked Chicken Zatar
Now since our zombies got to know about this new Bagel shop that has started exactly at the same place, where crepe station used to be; they couldn’t refrain themselves, and reached there. They fell in love with the ambience at the first sight. What was more intriguing that they could actually get their own sandwich assembled (Well to be honest, isn’t that what Subway is all about?). Well let’s not deny the small joy that the get from creating sandwiches.

Noyonsense's Tuna Baquette
While Swedelight went for a signature grilled bagel with fluffy scrambled egg, chicken and cheddar, Amylicious got her own sandwich made with Smoked & Teriyaki chicken with button mushrooms in a grilled multigrain zatar pita bread. She specially asked for the buttermilk ranch sauce. While Noyonsense couldn’t decide  (like always) about what he wanted, Viking got his sandwich made in a multigrain bagel with garlic cheese spread and a stuffing of smoked chicken, fried egg, cucumber, mushroom, lettuce and black olives ( he is very particular about his veggies). He also topped the stuffing with a dash of escalope paprika sauce. And Noyonsense finally decided to have a smoked chicken and tuna in a baguette with lots of mustard sauce in it. 

Swedelight's Signature Bagel
But Gluttony didn’t stop there. They also ordered for peanut butter and cinnamon pancake with apple syrup and a couple of ordinary panckes with maple syrup. Well a cappuccino, Iced café mocha and café latte also added to the table.

Viking's Egg & Chicken Bagel
Well while Noyonsense was totally going gaga over his sandwich and Swedelight also felt content enough after having a chunky bite of her bagel, Amylicious felt the smoked chicken should have been warmed before serving and she gave half of her sandwich back to counter to warm it up a little bit. Viking was more than happy to have such a wonderful bagel, and he didn’t leave any chance to boast about how his choice of adding an egg added to the taste ( Typical him).

Time for the pancakes and the fight for syrup began ( Why fight over Syria, when you can just fight over syrup). Amylicious snatched the small container of maple syrup and asked the waiter to get another one for the rest. Viking and Noyonsense were content with their peanut pancake. It was not mindblowing, but different for sure. They all made sure they fulfilled their hunger (for the time being) without any games.

So the zombies, happy and straight, left the place with a full stomach and a happy heart. What else do you want from a Sunday breakfast? Till next attack, keep watching the Bhookhhad Zombies, only and only on this website. Adios…

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  1. The best breakfast in a long time :-) Slurp!

  2. Very soon I need to visit this place again... Yummy pancakes calling me...

  3. yummmy ! i want it !!!!